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NOTE:  The TSA has stopped publishing the statistics used by TSAwait.  The app currently holds the last full set of checkpoint wait times they provided.  If the TSA returns to publishing official, comprehensive statistics, we will update our app to once again make them more timely.

TSAwait gives you easy access to wait time statistics for airport security checkpoints across the U.S.  These statistics are compiled by the TSA and released regularly.  They represent averages for recent activity, and as such they cannot perfectly predict future security delays.  In particular, holidays, regional events,  staffing changes, and weather disruptions can greatly impact normal activities.  However, at most airports those normal traffic flows can be fairly predictable.  Of course, security checkpoints are only one part of the air travel process, so sufficient time should be allowed to complete the other aspects of flight check-in.

Unlike the information available online directly from the TSA, you are not limited to looking up individual time intervals.  It also does not require a live internet connection, as (once updated) all of its information is stored locally (yes, it even works in Airplane Mode).  You can view the full set of 24/7 statistics for any checkpoint on a single screen, and quickly flip through all of the checkpoints at an airport.  This makes it easy to spot particularly good or bad times to make it through security.  If you have a choice of checkpoints for your gate, you can also determine which one will likely have the shortest wait time.

When in the data screen, you will see the average and maximum wait times for every hour of every day for a selected checkpoint.  The wait times are color coded for easy comparison, and by touching the data grid you will get a pop-up display with more details for any one-hour period.

Note:  This application is not provided or endorsed by the TSA.


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